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How To Add An Easy $18,000/month To Your Practice WITHOUT Getting New Clients or Overworking Yourself!

Start Generating Recurring Income. 

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If you've been wondering how to boost your practice's revenue WITHOUT having to work longer hours, taking on more new clients, while still having time for your family… then what I'll be sharing with you today may be music to your ears.

Hi, my name is Kashif, one of the co-founders of DNA company. We've interviewed 100+ practices all around North America about increasing their bottom line. In the process of doing that, we discovered that they all faced these 4 similar problems: 



Increase Monthly Revenue Without Getting New Clients

I understand that you get paid for the number of clients you serve in a day. The average number of clients doctors in the USA see daily is 20. You may be different.

The question is, how can you increase your revenue without overfilling your waiting room with new clients and not having time for anything else?

There are quite a few ways you can do this. Most practices that we've worked with have tried to sell other people's products, such as dietary supplements, to support their sales. But there's always a catch for going that route...



You're Building Other People's Brand Instead Of Yours

Not only that you help other people's brands with your recommendation, but you're also adding more money to their pocket instead of yours.

Plus, doing this will then lead to another problem...



No Reason For Your Customers To Come Back To You

So, if you sell other people's brand in your practice, your clients don't have any good excuse to come back to your clinic.

This is especially true when they can restock their supplement online or from other drug stores.

You're leaving money on the table by doing this. Every little thing like this matters right now because...



The Competition Between Practices Is Super Tough

You might already have noticed this... but it's no longer the game of who's new or has been running long in the business, or who's the most expensive or the cheapest in town.

Customers want the BEST service for their health… which is why you need to come up with the BEST offer that gives you the ultimate edge compared to your competitors.

Now, with all that being said…

… is there a sound solution that tackles all these four problems?

Consider yourself lucky because there is!

We just built it!


Custom "DNA-Based" Supplement

That's right. We help clinicians add more money to their bottom line by having them create their own unique DNA-based supplement, under their own brand. 

We do white labeling, so the supplements and packaging will be under your clinic name or your selected brand name.

It's not just an ordinary "mass-produced" supplement.

We have a custom compounding facility where we can make custom supplements that are genetically informed.

Not only is this is scientifically superior, but it's very easy to sell. As I said above, customers are looking for the BEST clinics with the BEST offer right now. 

By simply selling them your own unique DNA-based supplement brand… it will put your brand high up on their radar.

So, Adding an extra $18,000 per month for your clinic is simple.

Most clinics already see 5-20 patients a day. Yours may be around that number. You earn a $60/month margin for each patient that subscribes to your new DNA-based supplements.

All you need to do is get one patient per day for the next year to join your new monthly subscription of DNA-based supplements and this adds up to $18,000 per month in recurring income for your clinic. 

Here's Another Good Thing About Having Your Own DNA-Based Supplements

So, for your customer to get a DNA-based supplement, they will need to get a comprehensive DNA test which is included in their monthly subscription.

By having their DNA tested, you will have more data on your customer, where you can add value by overseeing their health on a long-term basis.

This will give them more reasons to come back to your clinic for a check-up.

Not only will this improve your bottom line and client relationship, but it also makes your practice their #1 choice!

Ready To Get Started?

So, if you're interested in building your own unique DNA-based dietary supplement brand that will add an extra $18,000/month easily to your practice, then fill in the form below, and we will get in touch!


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